La France girondine

L'édito du Monde semble un peu réservé. Pas de surprise car après une peu plus de 2 siècles, la France se débrasse du jacobinisme et prône pour le girondisime. Enfin! Personnellement, je considère le jacobinisme et sa centralisation à outrance comme un désastre duquel la France- et l'Europe- ont payé très cher. Oui, à l'époque de la Révolution les girondiens ont été écartés du pouvoir pusiqu'ils ont été 'faibles' et incapables à surmonter les crises que sécouaient le pays ni battaient effectivement contre les radicaux comme les jacobins. Cependant ces dernier-là n'ont pas fait mieux: la Terreur, la Vendée une société profondement divisée jusqu'à présent. En effet, j'ai toujours cru que l'écart du pouvoir des girondins avait été une occasion ratée que les Français corrigent maintenant.

La barralla de les colors

Segons Vilaweb A partir d'ara i a cada divendres, El Punt es publicarà la senyera en la seva capçelera tant de l'edició electrònica com la en paper. Es sobre la polmèmica eterna de l'homentage de la bandera espanyola i per protestar l'ofensiva espanyolista del PP. En fin de comptes vegades la política no es res més que picabarrales per les colors

Steyn on Europe: no, I'm growing weary

Professor Glenn cites an in extenso quote from Steyn's latest article. Frankly, I'm the one getting weary with the facile Eurobashing. Steyn and the other jingoistic Anglosphere bloggers undoubtedly feel superior sneering at the Europeans. I'm not.

In fact, the Islamist terrorism has won a strategic victory with 11 Sept. Its members have driven a wedge between the West that'll faciliate their divide and conquer policies to discredit our values, undermine our civilization, corrupt our polities and wreck our freedoms. As disgusted as Steyn and the jingositic bloggers are with Europe, they consistently fail to differentiate between the elite and the ordinary people. The latter are much closer to the American/Anglophile position; they know far better than their elites and are far more attuned than the Americans what's at stake.

Bruce makes an excellent and arresting point when he expresses his irritation at America's reinterpretion of the Monroe Doctrine to reduce the rest of the world to banana republics obliging intervention at any signs of resistence or termerious policies.

Indeed, J Licthy perfectly corroborates my arguments that I've written in previous posts on the subject; deep down neither the American military nor the defense industries want Europe to increase their defense spending. Not for the reasons that J Lichtly advances but for the following.

First, if the Europeans became genuinely serious in in defense spending, the American military fears- quite rightly- that their European counterparts would embrace the revolution in military affairs (RMA) with a mixture of passion and professionalism that would surpass the American military's capability and seriously challenge the former's preeminence.

Second, thre's a strong probability that the Europeans would expose the flaws in the American implementation of the revolution in military affairs. Specifically, the American military is far too enamoured with expensive, hi-tech equipment that dangerously swells the tail in comparasion to the teeth. Indeed, my own view is that the American military is dangerously vulnerable to an ingenious enemy that will concentrate its kick against the former's 'tail' and result in its teeth falling out.

Third, the American military industries want to monopolize the global weapons and military equipment market while conceding a few sops to 'loyal' countries like Britian or Canada. The American defense industries are aided and abetted by the their government and military. It's in their respective interests; the sale of American military equipment gives the government the leverage to prohibit or limit Allied actions at variance with former's policies; while the American military protects its preeminence by denying potential adversaries strategic/critical components of weapons systems and military equipment or sanctioning recalcitrant allies.

The Europeans aren't completely dispensed from their abdication of civic responsibility. they've consented to lower military spending that has caused serious problems for their militaries. Yet, their reflex to bristle at the American demand that increased defense spending alone will somehow get them back to the former's good graces, is sound. In fact, it's an unjustifiably simplistic perspective to demand just increased defense spending without a grand strategy. However, instead of falling back to gratuitious, facile anti-Americanism, the Europeans should call America's bluff and make a demand of their own: they'll increase their defense spending if America profoundly reforms its intelligence services. An area where, quite frankly, America is abysmal resulting in unimpressive results. Failures that were fatal.

America's reaction will then reveal its sincerity or lack thereof


Thanks Solly!

Thanks to Solly's GedankenPundit article, my plans to become the world's most influtential BloggerTM are on schedule.
Long before Solly put me on his permalinks, I've been a regular visitor to Gedänkenpundit and I've always enjoyed his posts. Sure I've disagreed with him before as the linked post shows but we agree more too.
So in the spirit of reciprocity, Solly gets added to my links too.

Profiling: prudence or prejudice?

Arabnews has published a snivelling article about the alleged anti-Moselm bias in the west.
15 of the 19 came from Saudi Arabia. 80% of the terrorism is conducted by Moselms. Prudence necessitates that Arabs and Moslems be placed under much harsher scrutiny just like the Columbians and Latin Americans are for drug trafficking

I shake my head in bemusement because the editors complain about how the Moslem clerics that come from abroad must learn about Duch laws and respect for the country's sociopolitical regime. Can't support euthanasia? Fine then advocate by peaceful means a change in the laws. As to learning Dutch; again it's a natural expectation and the clerics can still speak Arab or another language to the faithful at other times.

The editors are spineless hypocrites when they express shock that Moselms must accomodate their culture to the welcoming society. That signifies no polygamy, no clitorial circumcision, no removing the girls from school when they get their first period and other incompatible values at varience with the society's. No advocacy of violent overthrow and imposing the shari'a either. The British Home secretary hasn't insulted Modelms for reminding them of commonsense duties that when you come to a new country you give up something but you also gain much as well. By contrast, when Christians come to Saudi Arabia, they're not allowed to have a bible, can wear their crosses or medallion in public and can't even hold their religious services in the privacy of their own homes

Perhaps it's time that Christians make demands on the Saudi regime and dare Arabnews to publish an editorial decrying the anti-Christian preduice in Saudi Arabia when these aren't met.

Comment pensent vraiment les Arabes

Amir Taheri est une leurre de bon gros sens dans le monde arabe. Honnêtement, chaque fois que je lis ses articles, je ne reviens pas de comment Taheri est si lucide par rapport à ses collègues du même journal. C'est un article à prêter beaucoup d,attention pusiqu'on ne doit pas prendre les positions publiques des régimes arabes à sa juste valeurs. Ces sont des prises de position afin de pacifier l'opinion public de leurs pays respectifs. Cependant les dirigents ne s'illusionnent pas du caractère de Saddam ni de la réalité de son régime. Les Kowétiens en particulier ne prônent pas des discours idéalistes, ils ont vécu de primier main le règne de Saddam chez eux. Et merci pour ne pas subir plus jamais cette expérience.

Bill won't despair

Bill has written a blog post that give me some solace that we won't give up commenting on Islam and its society. I'm glad but I suspect that Bill, Aziz and Adil will have a hell of a time explaining the vehemence of those sermons and the vitrolic hatred. After all, the majority came from Saudi Arabia and the imams are Establishment figures and the country is the custodian of Mecca and Medina; however illegitimite Bill and I think it is is beside the point, the reality is that the country controls the 2 holiest mosques; uses its immense oil wealth to propgate an interpretation of Islam that belies its underlying tolerance and respect for others. Worse from my perspective, is the near silence of Moslems towards those vile sermons. I'm becoming resentful because Canada and the U.S. have been quite exemplary in their treatment towards their Moslem citizens and visitors. I'm implicitly demanding reciprocity: I want my fellow Moselm citizens to set the record straight. Of course Canada isn't perfect or doesn't have its defects but the country is hospitable place for immigrants to live their lives in relative freedom and practice their religions. Which is a far cry with Saudi Arabia and some other Moslem countries.

If I were an American, I'd be humilated for different reasons

I flatly disagree with Jeff Jacoby's latestarticle If I were an American, I'd be humilatd that I don't know a second language and the society actively discourages me from learning one. Indeed, America since September 11 scrambles like crazy to find Americans who can speaks all sorts of languages only to find that the FBI and CIA put obstancles in their paths.

I'd be humilated by the fact that that the prevalence in the language has the ironical effect of provincializing America and its culture. Until September 11, Americans were so complacent that they didn't debate the important ideas to emerge from the Cold war's end. Since the terrorist attacks, Americans are suddenly confronted with issues and themes they can't grasp because they're not in English

Who cares that in the past, immigrants were so eager to become Americans that they gave up their language to learn Engish? They were fools to throw away so casually their old heritage. Becoming American shouldn've never resulted in giving up the language.

Time changes as always; so much so, that the Internet/communications revolution practically screams Americans learn a second language and I don't mean C++.

I also resent how you implicitly support the big states/majority languages: It's pratically a moral obligations for the U.S., France or Spain to oblige immigrants to learn the respective langauges but denounce the small states like Quebec, Catalunya or Brittany from obliging the same for their languages. Guess minority/regional languages don't count.

Jeff, in your country's political system there's only one thing that overcomes money. Numbers.

The Hispanics have it; they exercise it and they're making themselves felt. One of their policies-however informal- they really don't see the necessity or advantage of giving up the language of their parents or predecessors to be 'good' Americans. So get over the preliminary shock and make your case why learning English is important but be ready to accept their refusal of your position if you lose in the politics.
I agree with your main premise that the immigrants should learn English just don't make it a zero sum experience because it's not.


The various Islamic sermons:hate runs wild

Why bother?

Thanks to Katheryn Jean from the Corner I came across this collection of shocking sermons The conclusion I draw is why bother? Blogger like Aziz Adil or Bill must despair each time they read sludge as this, they want to throw up their hands and write about other subjects than Islam and Islamic civilization.
Of course, the aforementioned bloggers won't despair and I hope they don't.

I turn my attention to the Christians

The Christians

These imams hate Christains with the same visceral hatred that they reserve to the Jews. I'm particularly riled by their distortions of Christian values. Tolerance, devoting one'S life to the needy are religious distortions? Really? so establishing hospitals for the sick; providing meals to the poor regardless of background and allowing adherents to practice their religions according to its dictates is religious distortion. That attitude justifies all the societal disability of the dhimmitude and if the Christians get uppity well that justifies slaugthering them in their churches, or massacring them in their offices or lauching a war against them under the guise of jihad.

These same imams underestimate just how persecution the Christians will tolerate. Christanity is older than Islam and one of the former's most defining experiences, in contrast to Islam, is 3 centuries of relentless persecution under the most powerful political regime of the Classical world. The imams commit the same mistake of past hostile political regimes: the more they persecute the Christians, the more blood is split, the stronger they become until they overwhelm you. Further, if these imams presume that they can act with impunity think again; one day, some punks will walk into a church but won't escape. How will the jihadists react when women parishoners empty their AKs into them?

If the imams are to engage in apologetics for Islam, then present reasoned arguments as to why polygamy is better than monogamy. Asserting that the latter leads to the corruption of women is counterintuitive and unconvincing based on the decades of thorough anthropological, pyschological, social and legal studies


The imams rave to the point of spittle fits with respects to the role of women. Reading through the turgid sermons, I conclude that women under contemporary Islamic societies are fungible commidities. They can be replaced if the the husband tires of her and marry another. In extreme cases, he can simply divorce her and the society ostracizes her. She loses her children, she can't remarry as she's damaged godo and the society reinforces her humilation by marginalizing her. Another conclusion, Islamic socities are brittle. The imams' obssession on the public role of women in society bespeaks of a deep pathology. Their rants against Western women and the society that encourages them to pursue their talents, inclinations and choices expose a deepseated fear that Islamic society will break apart. Really, if allowing women to participate in extra-domestic activities will provoke the collapse the society then bring it on! Indeed, a society that tolerates honour killings; impedes women from pursuing public roles; that restricts them to the strictly domestic affairs isn't a robust society. In fact, the marginalization of women, their commodified status, their

Jihad and society

The marginal status of women in contemporary Islam perverts the socuety. One ofthe crassest manifestation is value of 'manliness' in the service of the jihad. I'm repulsed. Massacring parishioners in theri churches, waging war to enslave non Moselm population, extending shari'a to non-Modelms, focing conversion on resistant population, suicide bombers deliberately killing civilians on the street. Violence of this magnitude is neither manliness nor civilized. Rather it's the embrace of the culture of death. Historical experience tells us where this leads; unfortunately Arab/Islamic society is determined to pursue this culture of death until they repudiate it.

Hate: the one ring to rule them all

How propitious Jackson's movie adaption of the Lord of the Rings has come just after the events of 11 Sept. Indeed, reading through the collected sermons, I'm struck at the resonance of the book's themes as I read those sermons. Each imam vies for the ring in a rising cresendo of abasement and euphorically repugnant oaths of loyalty How deceptively beautiful that ring looks; yet enslaves those who covet it and enslaves those who wear it.

I mock the imams' imbecility. They genuinely believe that they control hate. In fact, it's opposite. Hate controls them; it's seduced them to think that they'll rule the world when in fact, they're ruled by the one ring. Its name is HATE.

Canada is more tolerant than Saudi Arabia

Arabnews.com underscores the fundamental, unbridgable differences between Canada and Saudi Arabia. In Canada, wearing the hijab is constitutionally protected and voluntary whereas in Saudi Arabia it's by force of law and there's no discussion. The trite platitudes proffered by Moselms about women conforming to beauty as oppression is pure Naomi Klein; not Islam. Moselm society praise female beauty not ugliness. Those societies have their standards of modesty. Fine. Just don't harangue us about them.
Canada needs no lessons from Saudi Arabia on tolerance or women's rights. The fact that there are passionate debates on the hijaab highligts a robust society with a healthy political regime. By contrast, Saudi Arabia has neither.

Islamic integrist persecution of Christians: how did anti-Catholicism creep in?

Once again, Charles Johnson' blog has elcited a huge number of comments on a post about Moselm extremist persectution of Christians What amazed me was how anti-Catholicism crept out of nowhere.

I'd often heard and read that this prejudice was the last legitimate one in America but never really believed it. Be that as it may, that's not my principal issue. My main complaint is why is there so much silence towards the blantant persecution of Christians by the Islamic integrists?

I suspect that part of the reason is the secularist bent of our media and elites. They disdain religion and don't take it serious; conflicts that have an explicitly religious element merely reinforce their prejudices. Another reason is maybe Christian divisions: the fact that the victims are Sourthern (or to be politically incorrect Third World) Christian who are either Catholic, Protestant or Orthodox; hence not our 'kind'. I bet that the persecuted Christians in those lands would bluntly point out that to the Islamist fantaics, the different Christian denominations are beside the point except as a way to divide and conquer them. More importantly, the same persecuted Christians aren't as obssessed by denominational issues as they have more in common than not.

If religious freedom is to have any substance, it's really up to us the democratic citizens to do something. Like what you ask? How about boycotting their products? I realize that an economic boycott is probably counterproductive. My own preference would be to cut off the subsides. For example, I frankly don't see why the Egypt should receive 2 billion$/year because some treaty says so. Treaties are made my men and can be undone by them.Make the subsidies conditional on certain basic human rights like the abolition of the dhimmitude in the Mideast and allowing all religious minorities to practice freely their religions.

Revoke the favoured nation trading privileges. If some Moselm countries can't tolerate their Christian and other religious minorities; how can we trust you to execute your obligations in good faith? Expose the persecution in public. Sure there are specialized organizations but if enough people lobby their legislative reprsentatives, they have to react.

We have to do our part- no matter how modest- to pressure the Moselm countries to become more tolerant...or else.

Com desfer-se de la dominació electrònica occidental

Arabnews ha publicat unarticle sobre la revista d'un llibre escrit pel ex-ministre saudí de petrolí i planficació. La revista effusa de manera positiva; pero no dir sicofàntica, de la tésis del llibre. D'una banda el ex-minstre crida al països no-occidentals a protegir llurs cultures; d'altra banda pels països musulmans advoca que la seva identitat sigui superior dels altris. ¡Quina contradicció més maca! Protegir l'identitat musulmana es de fer-se superior a altri. Els collonys mai haguéssi pensat mai això. Mira senyor ex-minstre, si els països no-occidentals volen preservar llurs cultures- ¡obrieu-vos! Un cop que haríeu oberts, llavors podríeu contribuir a la cultura mondial. Desafortunadament, per ara es impossible perque us heu tancats tant que estanqeu.

La cour d'assis spéciale juge 2 islamistes

Le Figaro a publié cet article sur le procés judiciare contre 2 islamiste accusé des attentats du 11-17 juillet 1995.
Ce qui serait interessant, sera les liens tissés entre ces accusés-là et le réseau terroriste mondial. En tout ca, le bilan de leurs acte terroriste es très lourd: 8 mort et plus de 200 blessés. Comme disent les Américans: qu'on leur tire le livre (let's throw the book at them)

Said comapres Holocaust to current Palestinian plight

This latest translation by MERMI of Said's latest article is bound to raise hackles.
The idea that Arafat is like a hunted Jew during the Second World War is ludicrous. Unlike the Jews at that time period practically nobody cared; very few defended them and whatever pressure the Allies or others could've exerted, was totally useless. By contrast , the world has feted Arafat and the Palestinan cause since the 60s. Arafat himself won a Nobel peace prize. Further, the world has financed the Palestinians to the point that they remain one of the richest guerilla groups in history.
Sharon's a lot of things but he's no psycho; democracies have a better track record at exposing and removing them from public life.
Once again Said is trying to relativize the Holocaust and employ a reprehenisible moral equivalency. The palestinians have legitmate grievences but until they repudiate suicide bombings, the world won't support their cause.

Breaking up Sudan

Arabnews has published an article lamenting the break up of the Sudan and even attempting to find a parallelism between the new Sudanese peace treaty and East Timor. to I was bemused by the example of Spain and Basque country. Well it just so happens this weekend the lendarkari Juan José Inarretxe has proposed to take unilaterally the competencies that are still pending and eventually hold a referendum to have Basque country become an independent countr with free association (as a Quebecer that sounds an awful like the old sovereignty-association that the PQ advocated in the 70s) Even Quebec twice tried to separate from Canada.
Here's the fundamental difference: in both regions work through the system and advoacte their positions via peaceful and democratic means. By contrast, the potential break up of the Sudan is what the political leadership deserves. The forcible Islamization, the enslavement of the non-Moselm populations, the destruction of the south's infrastructure provoked a justified resistence to a gratuitious use of war. The south didn't threaten the north or Islam.
Consequently, the Sudanese government is not only an abject failure but morally cuplable for starting a civil war. So a break up of Sudan is compartively mild to being an accused before the International Criminal court. At least they get to remain in power within a truncated country.
Of course the deeper issue is that House of Saud is positively terrifed of radical transformation of the status quo. Well they and the rest of the region have a number of choices: reform, die or get the hell out of the way.

Chirac and the defense budget

The French president defended his defense budget The Amrican bloggers can carp all they want but the French aren't stupid; they too know what's at stake. What I found interesting is that Chirac wants a modernized special forces as well as combined military force that can project its power outside of Frances borders. Even more interesting is Chirac's declaration that France wil build theatre level anti missle defenses (something like the American Patriot/Israeli Arrow systems)
So contrary to the typical sterotyping of the French as surrendur monkeys; it seems that the they're increasing their defense spending to meet their commitments and interests.

L'explosion à Riyadh n'est pas un acte terroriste

Ouais l'explosion qui a tué un ressortissant allemand n'a pas été une acte terroriste selon Arabnews.com Et la destruction de les Tours de Khobar qui a tuée 19 soldat américan ne fut pas non plus un attaque mais bien des mafias des étrangers qui faisaient de la contrabande d'alcool y se disputaient le territoire.
Tu sais qoui mon gros? Rancontez vos conte de fées ailleurs. Vous pouvez facilement convaincre vos citoyens qu'il s'agit d'un reglements de comptes entre des mafieux étrangers mais pas nous. Car s'il fût le cas, on se demandera comment un régime qui exerce une contrôle si étouffante, tolère le commerce illégal d'alchool. Des question se soulèvent avec des réponses gênantes.

Spain and the American commentariat

Charles Johnson published an article on some pacifist protest in Madrid The commentaries are simply stunning at times. Frankly, I'm getting sick and tired of the American jingoism which blinds some commentators to the efforts of the European allies. Not all of them are idiotarians.

Spain has been one of the more solid if quieter of the European allies. As Juan- one of the commentators on the post- reminds the others that if they bothered to read the Spanish (and Catalan) newspapers online, they would know that the country has very serious problems with the Morrocans in particular.

Like the illegal Mexical immigration, hundreds of thousands of Morrocans and subSaharain Africans cross the Straits of Hercules (which is only 15 km long) Unlike the Mexican situation, there's not a day in the newspapers that there's not a report of dead bodies washing up on shore or boats intercepted by the Guardia civil's coadt guard and they find a number of dead and live people.
Further, there's also the problem of integrating those illegal immigrants (the without papers) into the larger society.

Last month, I read of several reports from the Catalan newspaper Avui about how some girls are pulled out of school once they have their first period. A violation of Spanish educational law which makes schooling obligatory until 16. Also there's the unsanitary custom of slaugthering lambs in the street after Ramadan or the refusal by some neighbours to allow a mosque in their neigbourhood. More importantly because of the large number of illegals, insecurity has become a real problem. In Barcelona, my aunt was robbed as soon as she stepped out from the bank's doors and hurt, not seriously but still.
Unfortunately, the subject is near taboo. The politicians in Spain barely discuss illegal immigration and the civic insecurity for fear of being branded of racist orwhatever insult the 'progressives come up with.

It's in Spain's interest to see regime change in Iraq because perhaps, illegal emigration might stop if people didn't fear or hate their regimes so much.

Lettre aux éditeurs du Cerf

Monsieur Madame:
Je note avec une cértaine détresse que l'ouvrage de Bat Ye'or:Les Chrétientés d'Orient entre jihâd et dhimmitude est épuisé. Compte tenu des événements depuis 11 septembre que ce livre devrait être non seulement réedité mais révu et augmenté par l'auteure qui met à jours ce qui est passé avec le dhimmitude depuis la publication. Et SVP, baisse le prix et offre un format de poche/non-rigid car 60,00$CDN est bien trop chér.

World Moslem League blasts Fox news

The head of the WOrld Moselm League has rebuked Fox news for abusing Islam and the Prophet Perhaps but I got news for you: it's your job to ask for airtime and explain Islam to non-Moselm. It's up to you to develop your own apologetics; no one else will do it for you. Indeed, with the billions that Saudi Arabia has spent to propagte Islam through the madrassas, I'm astounded that there's no orgainization or individuals who can defend your faith. Frankly, I'm skeptical that your organization will be able to develop effective apologetics to persuade Americans and other citizens of the West. Islam's propagation is based on a superiority complex backed up by the sword. If the world is too stupid or too evil to embrace Islam than there's always the jihad.

Non! C'est à vous d'apprendre de notre civilization

Arabnews publie un article qui menti dès le début à la fin. L'Islam n'a pas nuit l'Occident!? Très bien donc rétirez-vous immediatement le Magréb ainsi que le Levant aux chrétien et juifs et réinstallez-vous de nouveau à la Péninsule arabique! Je me ennuie d'entendre des sottises qu'en Espagne les 3 religions monothéistes ont vécu en harmonie. Ouais! Expliquez-moi donc ce fait que les chrétiens ibériques dès 732 Ap-J.C. se sont battus pour expluser les arabes? Peut-être parce que ces derniers ont été des envahisseurs. De dire que l'Islam est autant européen que la chrétianité présume que les deuxièmes se sont rendus comme des missionnaire . En réalité, les musulmans ont venu Tolerance? Pourquoi le dhimmi existe et que les coptes se voient interdit de construire de nouvelles église ou même en réparés? Ou que les chrétiens soudanais, indonésians, pakistanais suffrent
Aider la civilization occidentale? Écoutez, je suis tanné de ce réfrain du chanson. Je m'en fous de comment la civilisation islamique fut jadis. C'est son présent qui nous occupent et à vari dire votre civilisation n'offre rein, est amère, sotte, conne, arriérée, pathétique et stérile. Tant que vous n'introspectez pas; tant que vous ne répudiez pas cette cauchemar d'imposer l'Islam; tant que vous dénoncez pas les massacres des non-combattant et vous ne cessez pas de financer cette terrorisme, on a rein en commun et donc rein à en parler. Tant pis si le monde vous isole; ce que vous mériter tant que vous ne changez pas du chemin que vous avez tracé.

Crétien and the helicopters

Joe's sentiments as expressed in his latest article on Chrétien is one I share. I loath Chrétien because he's the wrong man for the time. It's bad enough that he was a Trudedau acolyte; it's worse the Chrétien tries to ape him. One sufficed. With respect to the helicopters, isn't it telling that of all the campaign promises, it was the only one he kept? Like Deifenbaker, Chrétien has gutted Canada's aerospace industry. The new EH 101 helicopters would've generated such selfsustaining spin offs that Canada would've become a leding competitor in the helicopter industry.
Like Joe, I hate the Liberal party's false pacifism. The 30 years of bleeding the Canadian military because it offends the party's sensibility is the height of criminial negligence. Let's face it the world's not a nice place and its the duty of state- particularly open societies with democratic regimes- to protect their borders. Spending money on defense doesn't militarize the society; disarament ensures that states will be invaded precisely because weak states can't defend themselves.
We talk about regime change in Iraq but lord knows we need some regime change in Canada too. Our advantage is that we can change peacefully...for now.

Portugal: a commonsensical European ally

Let me dissent from Joe's affirmation that some Europeans are reading Den Beste The fact that Portuguese are low keyed doesn't signify that they're idiotarian. The Portguese have always been commonsensical with their defenses. In fact, it's a bit bemusing to read how the military won't privilege Europeans arms. If one visits the Portuguese Defense ministry's site and look for the photo galleries, the visitors will note that the military uses a wide variety of weapons and equipment from other NATO/Allied countries.

La imprimates (o impresoras) y la tinta: una estafa

No tiene nigúna importancia pero hoy he comprado un nuevo imprimante para reemplazar el anterior que se estropeó después de 6 años. Una de las cosas que me irrita es el percio de los cartujos. Fíjate bien, el imprimante que compré, incluyen el del y del negro. El segundo es medio llenado. En vez de darme un cartujo de 42 mL
Es una estafa y piense que los estados y gobiernos de los países industralizados deberían echar un vistazo a los fabricantes por que sus precios son un abuso de derecho y se arrogan el derecho de anular sus garantías si se utiliza los cartujos génericos. La gente se hartán que las enriquen a los demás menos a ellos mismos
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